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Originally Posted by thorny locust View Post
What the casters are proving if they make Sybil conventionally pretty is exactly that either they didn't get the point -- and so shouldn't be trying to adapt, translate, or whatever, Pratchett, because they're bound to screw it up -- or that they got the point, don't like it, and are deliberately counteracting it; which if true is nasty.
Or that they thought something that worked well in the books might be harder to translate to the screen. Or that they were working with constraints from above to make the show "younger" or "sexier" or "prettier" and hope to accomplish the "don't judge a book by its cover" themes from different directions.

As a larger person myself, I definitely am disappointed they're negating that aspect of Sybil and losing the opportunity to tell that particular unique story.

But I don't think that inherently means the story they're telling has to be bad, it just means they're telling a very different story. I'm willing to let them succeed or fail on their own terms and judge the quality of the show on its own merits.