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Newsflash: Women are attracted to attractive men! Also ... Being a woman-hater is a turn-off. In other news, Francisco Franco is still dead.

Originally Posted by Chimera View Post
heterosexual women put average penis as No. 3, followed by large hands and, interestingly, a short head of hair
Hmmm. Good to know. I always thought my #3 penis was below average. As for "short head of hair":
In 7th grade a lovely 7th-grader massaged my scalp and told me I would never go bald. She turned out to be correct.
(a) Is that why female admirers didn't swarm around my under-confident full-haired self?
(b) Was the 13-year-old honey flirting with me? Did I miss an opportunity?

Free advice: I have discovered one way to get attractive women in their 20's and 30's to flirt with you: Wait until you're in your 60's! They're happy to practice their arts on you when they know you're completely harmless (and your weapon probably isn't even loaded).