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Originally Posted by russian heel View Post
New England v Seattle in the Super Bowl?
Eh, that was a big deal because of the way it ended, not necessarily because the match itself was a big showdown. They did have a bit of a rivalry going into it but itís two teams from opposite sides of the country that didnít have too much of a history going into the game. (If they somehow had a rematch this year, which is very unlikely but not impossible, that would probably be a big deal.)

The 2013 NFC Championship between Seattle and San Francisco was a much bigger showdown; two teams that pretty much hated each other, coached by head coaches that clashed, and both at the height of their ability and the rivalry was also at their peak. After that game the Seahawks went on to steamroll Denver 43-8 and be champions, and the Niners faded away and slowly fell apart (and are competing this year for first draft pick). The game itself was filled with lots of emotion as well (Richard Shermanís postgame rant is infamous). To me thatís about as much of a showdown as youíll likely see in the NFL.