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Originally Posted by Guest-starring: Id! View Post
Toronto is 7-1 without Leonard in the line-up, which I hope bodes well for the play-offs. (He rested against GS last night) (And, to be fair to Oakland, Iguodala didn't play)
Actually - those were just 3-point stats, in my previous post: Curry went 3 for 12 and Thompson - don't know. Lowry picked up his 100th double-double and didn't suck. Too bad they're meeting only twice this season - doesn't sound as good when saying they did a series sweep. Heh - first time TO won there since 2004, and went 4-0 in California this season for the first time in franchise history.
The Blazers meet Toronto tomorrow, so the Raptors can rest the entire team and just send in one or two players. After a brilliant start against Houston, the Blazers just fell asleep in the second half and let the Rockets walk away from them. I think they're now 9th place in the west, with their bench going from excellent to utter shite in the last half dozen games.