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How to outsmart partner, and get a bottom

My partner held x QJ10xx KQJxx Ax. He opened 1H, LHO doubled and partner bid 4C, splinter, back to him. Now what? We had only played a few times together and he did not know whether my cue-bidding style is to start with aces, or whether any 1st or 2nd round control is fine. If the latter, he could bid 4D. But he worked out he could bid 4NT, RKCB. If I have 3 key cards, he can bid slam; if fewer, the most I can bid (barring voids) is 5H, so we stay out of slam.

But I bid... 5S. I had extra heart length (Kxxxx), and it is generally accepted that you can show the queen in that event as Kxxxx opposite Axxxx (probably with the jack) is high odds to play for no loser. My hand was KQx Kxxxx Axxx x.

So, partner's well thought out bid was foiled by me. In slam missing 2 aces despite using RKCB. This was a joint bottom with one other. The funny thing is that the two A pairs in the field both bid to slam off cashing aces, and all the B and C players avoided it.

Another hand from the same session. You hold xxx J9x AJ10xxx Q9. Partner opens 2C. You bid 2D, which guarantees at least 1 control and is game forcing. Partner bids 2NT, 22+ balanced. Now what?