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Originally Posted by Quartz View Post
Yup. Your bid showed two aces and the queen, right? Tut tut! Time for, "Sorry partner, I pulled the wrong card from the bidding box."
Not at all. Showing the queen when you hold extra length instead is a fairly standard thing to do. See the section Extra Length in this, from your side of the pond (although you can't trust those Lancastrians):

On your second hand what is the point range of the 2NT rebid? There's got to be a top end, right?
Nope. 22+. We are in a game force . No need to jump around - let's avail ourselves of all the methds we have over 2NT for finding a major suit fit (not relevant on this hand, but it often is).

If it shows 22-24 points then 3NT is very tempting. If it's open-ended, I rebid 3D. In an ACOL auction after partner opens 2NT (20-22) I bid 3NT; if the auction goes 2C - 2D - 2N showing 23-24 points then I get interested in a slam.
3D would be a transfer to hearts. After 2C - 2D - 2NT, we bid just as if we opened 2NT. Our 2NT opener is 20-21, so in this sequence it is 22+