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Originally Posted by amarone View Post
Not at all. Showing the queen when you hold extra length instead is a fairly standard thing to do. See the section Extra Length in this, from your side of the pond (although you can't trust those Lancastrians):
I have yet to master the hunt for the Queen but ISTM from that link that you're using a second-round response and not a first-round one.

3D would be a transfer to hearts. After 2C - 2D - 2NT, we bid just as if we opened 2NT. Our 2NT opener is 20-21, so in this sequence it is 22+
In that case I'm going to bid 3S as a minor-suit transfer. Partner can either accept the transfer by bidding 4C or reject it by bidding 3NT. If partner accepts the transfer by bidding 4C I correct to 4D and partner can go Blackwood if he wishes or just bid 5D.