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Originally Posted by K364 View Post
I sympathise with both of you... using Blackwood with only one key card in that sequence would be totally unexpected but the hand has perfect texture and just needs controls.

The second one I bid 3D if it's natural and pass 3NT. If 3 of a major is bid over 3D I then bid 3NT. This implies a mild slam try with a good suit. If Jacoby is on, 3S is used by some to get out with a bust hand with a long minor. If so I just raise to 3NT.

We play Jacoby Transfers with 2S is a relay to 2NT, and responder follows: 3C/3D is the weak hand, and 3H/3S show a good hand with clubs/diamonds respectively. That's over 1NT of course, 2NT is the same idea though.
I don't think it is worth having the ability to stop in 4 of a minor when partner has 22+ points. I'd rather use those bids for investigating slam options. If you have a bust, just take your lumps in 2NT.