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Originally Posted by SenorBeef View Post
I noticed that a few of the meta analysis sites, like tempostorm,, others seem to have significantly different ideas of what the top decks are right now. Does anyone know how they're calculated and why they're so different, and which is the most useful guide?
The main difference I'm aware of is that VS and HSReplay use actual game logs and stats to determine the meta. I think VS puts some weighting on how common a deck is to build their meta snapshot. HSReplay pretty much just seems to use raw numbers.

TempoStorm is completely different in that (I think) they have a team of experts and use more analysis to determine what the top-Legend meta is. It's not very useful for folks grinding 20-5 or even 5-Legend - HSReplay or VS (using the All-Ranks or 5-1 Filter) is way better for that. With the caveat that I think VS is having a pretty bad data shortage problem - since they don't have a deck tracker app built in they rely on folks signing up via HDT to get data.

The other thing that I try to think about if ladder grinding is the length of the games. A 55% win-rate deck that has 5 minute games is better than a 60% win-rate deck that has 12 minute games. Although I pretty much just hit 5 every season and then play whatever I want - the grind to Legend doesn't interest me since it seems to be purely about how many games you can play.