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Originally Posted by Quartz View Post

It's never occurred - it's highly unlikely - but in that case we can refuse and bid 3N. Partner can pull to her minor.
A suggestion: mandate a 3NT response to 3S. Responder now clarifies as follows:

4C = clubs
4D = diamonds
4H = minor 2-suiter, short hearts
4S = minor 2-suiter, short spades

4C/D are forcing, and are slam tries. You mentioned in a post about opener being able to bid 4NT as key-card after responder has shown a long minor. I disagree with this approach, especially playing matchpoints; you need to be able to get back to NT. 4NT should be "not interested, let's play here". If you want to make a slam try, cue bid first, then 4NT, probably by responder, can be key-card.

If you have no way to get back to playing in NT, you might as well abandon any means of showing the long minor. Just bid 6D over 2NT. It might go down, but 6D -1 will usually get you exactly the same number of matchpoints as 5D making. Zero.

On this actual hand, which I will post separately, 6D does make, but even though only one pair bid it, playing 5D+1 would have got you a zero. Everyone else was in NT.