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Originally Posted by Quartz View Post
That would make it inconsistent with 2S over 1N and we don't play sufficiently frequently. As I said, the situation has yet to occur. Hell, we play the Unusual 2NT and partner forgot it. So there were opponents having bid 1H - 1S and me 6-5 in the minors so I bid 2N and she looks completely blank.
Yeah - no point in getting fancy in an occasional partnership.

Still, errare humanum est. Still, my partner and I bollixed another slam. Partner opens an Acol 2C and I'm sitting with 14 HCP. I bid 2S - positive response in spades - and partner rebids 4N. He meant it as Blackwood; I took it as quantative
As would I, with a regular partner, but with an infrequent partner I assume RKCB. My "rule" is that if we had the chance to agree the trump suit in a forcing auction (in this case, 2C - 2S - 3S would do it) and didn't, then 4NT = quantitative.

Partner bid 7S and I pulled to 7N. We were missing the ace of clubs. The grand made on any lead other than a club. A club was led. We were playing teams and the other team also bid 7N for a flat board.
A recent national champsionship pairs event in the US also featured one pair who bid 7NT missing an ace. Just as in your case, one player pulled 7S to 7NT. The player with the missing ace was not on lead, but hesitated before passing 7NT. His partner led the correct suit, from a holding of KJxxx. The pair in 7NT called the director stating that the hesitation suggested a lead of that suit (7NT makes on any other lead). The director denied their claim but they appealed and their appeal was successful. They were awarded 7NT making, and this moved them from second place to first.

The hand that bid 7S had used RKCB despite having a void diamond. Earlier in the auction, he had cue bid diamonds. His LHO doubled and his partner passed. In that situation, a pass denies first round control (he would redouble with it) and so he was able to bid RKCB despite holding a void. His partner missed that possibility and when 7S came round to him, assumed they must have all the aces and bid 7NT.