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When you get into $100+ million contracts, there are dozens of ways to structure them - front-end load, back end load, signing bonus, incentives, options, annuities, and so on ad infinitum. Do you want $400 million over 10 years in 10 equal payments, progressively larger payments, more upfront, or some salary deferred until after you retire?

So Boras isn't just trying to get the highest salary for Harper, he has a bunch of financial people behind him crunching numbers to figure out how the various proposals play out and tweaking counteroffers, while Boras is trying to get Harper to decide how he wants to balance the money/favorite city/play-for-a-winner-now equation.

On the other side, the teams are trying to figure out whether Boras is bluffing when he says he has another offer, how high the other team is willing to go, what trade-offs they have to make to afford Harper, etc.