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Originally Posted by CAMJAY77 View Post

Me -

2012: 2nd, 274 points
2013: 1st, 385 points
2014: 2nd, 239 points
2015: 4th, 252 points
2016: 1st, 482 points
2017: Did Not Play
2018: 1st, 454 points

Some may call us sick for doing this. but we're not as sick as some of our picks,

Played for years on another board before 2012. I remember back for 2006 my brother told me about Ironhead Heyward who I didn't know was ill. Liked him as a player. Big points for him.
Yeah, I noticed that the two years that I led for even a part of the year were (1) your last sub-400 point year, and (2) the year you didn't play. 'Nuff said.