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Originally Posted by DSYoungEsq View Post
Oftentimes, a college HC who is highly prized is recognized as someone who has a good football mind, but who is, for whatever reason, poor at the recruiting aspect of college coaching. USC certainly liked him; they not only hired him immediately to take their OC spot, but they refused to let him talk to NFL teams originally, desperate to hang on to him. Still, making the jump directly to HC in the NFL will probably be a stretch; he likely won't have the credibility to impress the Cardinals' veterans.
I was pretty shocked at the Kingsbury hire. He's a college coach who has a losing record (his predecessor at TT had a much better record) and zero experience coaching in the NFL. He went 16-21 with Patrick Mahomes, thought more of Davis Webb than Baker Mayfield, and had a consistently awful defense. Maybe give him a shot as OC, but head coach surprised the hell out of me. I think it will not go well for the Cards for the next few years. Chasing the next great offensive mind is hard enough. Giving the reins to one with no NFL coaching experience is a recipe for failure.

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