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Seems to me Wild has been that way for a long time; not a lot players and often getting the same opponent in successive games. I only play Wild once in a while so usually start at low rank.

Remember those gold farmers who used to stay at Rank 20 to crush noobs with their Tier 1 decks? I think a lot of them are now clustered at Rank 15 and 10 since they don’t get set back to 20 every month. I experienced it this month in Wild, going quickly from 20 to 15, stuttering a bit, making it to 10, and have been stuck at 10 for the past week or so, often playing the same player with multiple golden legendaries two or three games in a row.

BTW, I am playing that Big Priest you mentioned a while back, a Tier 1 deck that I just happen to have the cards for. This is the first I’ve put any time into playing Priest.