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I was told by one of my attendings, a family practice doc, that it takes smokers an average of 5 attempts to successfully quit. Whatever the numbers might be, it stands to reason that you'll have false starts. Your formula for success will be your very own, but here are two things I read on the Dope that helped me:

1.) You have to make multiple decisions before you smoke your next cigarette. You'll have to decide to go looking for one, whether you bum one or buy a new pack. You'll have to take the smoke into your possession when you find one. You'll have to find a light at some point during this process. Then you'll have to light up, and so on. When you break it down into steps, the decision isn't as simple as "smoke? Y/N." At the same time, you've given yourself a buffer, so it actually can be simpler to resist the cravings.

2.) Someone compared the time that's passed since their last smoke to earning equity. That analogy might work for you. I like to think of it as my high score, and I don't want to start the count over again*.

Hope that helps you too.

*Just for fun, I went and figured it out: 475 days since my last cigarette, 399 since my last lozenge.