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Originally Posted by Portwest View Post
Girl Hermit, as an "easily addicted to almost anything" person myself, I liked reading this. Can you tell me more? What got you to the point of quitting? How did you deal with breaking the addiction? What did you do that very first day? How are you doing now --- two months after the fact?
Sorry, my internet service died (again) for two days and I just saw this.

What got me to the point of quitting? I couldn't breathe anymore after carrying the garbage can from the garage (near the back of the house) to the end of the driveway at the front of the house. Along with my Aunt's boyfriend dying in April at age 49 from lung cancer - a single dad with three kids left behind (although now in her care and much loved). Adding up too was the death of my FIL from smoking related cancer 7 years ago, a friend of the family who was like family dying from lung cancer 2 years ago and my father having his 4th heart attack in May. Accumulation of things, really but the truly not being able to breathe was scary to me in a "oh, it could actually happen to ME!" way.

Actually quitting was a process for me. I kept track for a week on a piece of paper exactly how many cigarettes I was smoking. Then I put that number of cigarettes in a container and I could only smoke the ones out of there. Every week I cut down by one (at least). Until I got down to three.

Then I went to my doctor and asked him for anti-anxiety drugs because thinking about quitting would sadly have me in a full blown panic attack. And he suggested I try Zyban instead. Zyban was originally marketed as Wellbutrin, an anti-depressant but was found to have possible use in helping smokers with their cravings. They also make cigarettes taste like crappy, chemically, disgusting, makes you want to barf things. That helped.

I also used Nicorette lozenges for a bit. They helped big time. You can get gum too. Believe it or not, neither is terrible. Different tasting - it's not exactly mint but it's minty-ish and it's not bad at all (I actually like the taste but that may be a mind thing - they do have nicotine in them after all).

The biggest piece of advice I can give is to change the routines you associated with smoking. If you got ready in the bathroom and smoked then go buy a mirror for the bedroom and get ready there. If you smoked while driving to/from work - find a new route or a few new routes, even if it takes you longer! Sit in a new chair to watch TV or even rearrange your furniture. Do all the dishes and clean the kitchn thouroughly if you are an "after eating" smoker (like me - my kitchen is so clean now!) Personally I only ever smoked outside so I made Mr Hermit and The Niece take the dog in and out and I only went in and out the front door (where I rarely had smoked) and just stayed right the hell out of the backyard for a month!

Stay with it and read this thread over and over. Lots of different things people have listed above. Everyone is different and different things work for different people so don't give up. Just try something else and know you can do it!