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Originally Posted by md2000 View Post
In Canada, in my somewhat limited second-hand knowledge... If a person ends up in hospital for whatever reason and in the doctor's opinion they cannot care for themselves, they will only release them into a nursing home. Sadly, in some provinces this means they have to wait in a hospital for weeks for an appropriate spot to become vacant.
As for perfectly healthy seniors (a la Hollywood) the homes are so full to overflowing they spend hundreds of dollars a night to keep some needy old folks in hospitals waiting. I doubt they are going to send a capable person into such a home.
In the US, no one who isn't at death's door is going to spend weeks in a hospital just waiting for a spot to open up in a nursing home. They'll be sent to some sort of assisted living facility or even back home with an aide, or even to a family member's house, with or without an aide. There's no way Medicare or Medicaid or any private insurance company will justify a long term hospital stay to wait for a nursing home room. They'll find them a room somewhere, anywhere, even in a crappy place, while waiting for a room in a better place to open up.