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I am in the midst of a nasty and loosing fight with the local Elder services right now.
My father now 83 with Vascular dementia (MOCA 16) left fairly detailed wishes, and appointed an MPOA and POA long before he was incapacitated.

We have been caring for him from the point where his banks forced the activation of the POA to just a few days ago.

His mental decline attracted numerous vultures including another family member before the bank stepped in and stopped that. We had reported most of them to the police, and the local office of aging (repeatedly). As my father had not been legally declared incompetent (and still has not been), they claimed they could do nothing.

Yet just a few days ago on an emergency exparte court order filled with easily disprovable lies he was forceably removed from his home and our care.
He resisted, fell and ended up with a concusion in their care - he has never been bruised or injured in ours, we have tried to get an emergency reconsideration before the judge - he has refused to hear it essentially saying I had a hearing that you were not allowed to attend and found all this crap true, I am not interested in your side. Prior to this Office of Aging had been in twice and received full access to his care and financial records - which they never bothered to read, or they would have known the accusations were crap.
We were accused of giving him medications that would kill him by the doctor that perscribed them, we replaced those meds with placeabos while seeking a better doctor AND thoroughly documented that we had done so.

Nor are we finding this is rare. Apparently the greedy conservator game has been adopted by local elder abuse units. They step in - particularly with upper middle class olders, they take over generally without any hearing, they seize assets, charge exhorbitant fees for their lawyers and staff, and then dump the old people into a home. When their funds are bleed out Medicare takes over.

I would be very interested in similar stories from others. I am planning on bringing up a web site on this at, i can be emailed at