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Originally Posted by runningdude View Post
Yes. It is so common that I am actually surprised to learn that it is vanishingly rare elsewhere.
I spotted just such a marker last week (was walking through a cemetery in Massachusetts). It had a list of family members, with dates of birth and death; the second-to-last didn't have a date of death.

The graveyard in question was old - deaths back to the mid to late 19th century. Many of the markers, surprisingly, had been replaced with modern-looking granite ones.

The weirdest one I saw had a monument listing parents and their son who apparently died as a teenager. Nearby, a low-to-the-ground marker was where I presume the son was actually buried. It was a square about the size of a floor tile, about three inches thick, and his name was engraved on one of the 3-inch-thick edges.

Upside down.

I admit it doesn't quite rank up there with the OP's find, but it seemed mighty strange to me!!