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Years later it popped into my head and I did another search. This time I found some scanned newspaper articles on Google. Turns out the one person died in a motorcycle accident in California. The others (2 adults and 3 children) drove to the funeral from Florida, but their car broke down near New Orleans. They borrowed some money and bought airline tickets on Pan Am Flight 759. The article was how the parents went to California for their son's funeral, then had to fly to New Orleans to identify the bodies of their daughters and grandchildren.
Wow. What a horrible story. I thought I's never hear anything worse than the Tylenol funeral, but that beats it by a mile. After the funeral of one of the victims of the Chicago Tylenol poisoner, his family was gathered at his apartment, and a couple of them were overcome by the situation (and probably lack of sleep), and developed headaches, so they went looking through their deceased relative's medicine cabinet....