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Originally Posted by Tapiotar View Post
If you don't know if the producer washes them in chlorinated water or not, wash the eggs before breaking yourself.
I have backyard chickens and have done research into washing eggs and what I've come across says basically the opposite this. Eggs come out with a "bloom" a thin waxy covering that prevents germs from penetrating the egg, therefore an egg with the bloom left on will be safer than a washed egg. If you must wash the egg, do so just before you use it and use very hot water, but really it's not necessary. My girls only rarely get poo on their eggs any more, their first month of laying was a bit of a learning process for them. If I do get an egg with a little poo on, I just flick it off and use that egg that day, without refrigerating it and possibly contaminating the other food in my fridge.