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Originally Posted by EmilyG View Post
I'm glad that you'll be having the surgery in October. I hope it goes well.
Thanks. I'm about 8 days past my surgery. Been rough. For the first few days it was like some heavyweight boxer worked over my abdomen for 30 minutes. Such pain. Had issues with the functioning of my intestines - lot of 'output'. Passed a kidney stone. Sure would like to see real improvement, because right now things feel like a regular Crohn's flare, except I dont have to run to the bathroom, I have a bag to catch things. I look occasionally, afraid I'll see a bag full of blood. Hasn't happened yet, but until things calm down, I'll keep looking.

Thinking/working on the back surgery next. Need to get a referral. Not gonna wait around for that for forever. Need to set up an appt to get in ASAP. Hoping I'll be healed well enough for my next surgery by the time I can arrange to have it.

Trying to get used to caring for the ostomy, even as I'm trying to get used to having it.
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