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Originally Posted by StarvingButStrong View Post
Wouldn't it work just as well to *say* you are going on a cruise and then do whatever you actually want/can afford to do?
Works for me, though we went on a 7 day cruise to the Caribbean on Royal Caribbean, had a balcony room for 2 people [handicap accessible] and a wonderful mostly alcohol free [less expensive, we did pop for 2 bottles of wine that lasted us the week at dinner] for $1500 a person plus tips [I think overall the tips totalled another $500 for our room steward and the dining room staff] and I think mrAru spent about $500 total on assorted souvenirs and a killer bottle of rum from the Bacardi factory [whichever it is that is only available at the factory and has your name engraved on the bottle.]

We spent about the same on the month long wander back and forth across the country we did right after he retired from the Navy - we went to California to visit his side of the family tree, and then down to Florida to hit Universal Studios. But we drove, slept in the car half the time, did 2 days in a resort in Reno Nevada so I could recover from altitude issues before staying with family [so I wouldn't be so stressed out] and grocery shopped for food instead of restaurants all the time.

It is possible to vacation for cheap, you just need to be in the right mindset to not want to go extravagant on everything. An all inclusive resort or cruise is actually good for that - on the cruise, pretty much all the soft drinks you want are included [well, coffee, tea and water, we aren't really into sodas but they have an all inclusive soda package, and you can prepurchase wine or booze packages also] and of you stick to the main dining room and the buffet, the food is included - though we did the specialty restaurant for our anniversary, I think it was like $35 per person. The room service was free except for tips, we took along a couple hundred in ones and fives for tips, planning for the whole tipping thing. I remember that the coffee house down in the main corridor was also free, with tipping for table service. I will also state that parking cost except if your vehicle was handicapped equipped [which the momvan is, with hand controls] so I can't say how much Port Newark NJ would cost for parking [we could have cheated and parked over on the military part for free ... ]

As you can tell, I am a fan of cruises as a vacation =) we had a freaking blast =) I barely left the ship, I hung out on the deck or in the room and on our balcony most of the time ... but that is what I enjoyed. mrAru had a blast wandering around on the various islands, I think he enjoyed hitting Puerto Rico without being deployed =)