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At about 5:30 I told the floor supervisor, the first time I saw him since 2nd shift started, that my wife had gone to the emergency room this afternoon and had been admitted, and that I wanted to leave at 7:00. "Oh no, this program is vital! I'll have to ask my manager!" That was the last time I saw him before I just up and left at 7:15 (yeah, I took one last call). I'll probably get in trouble, at least with him. His manager, though an idiot, was Wife's manager before she took ill, so time will tell.

ETA: The vital job I was performing most of the shift was playing video poker while waiting for a call. For this I get a $4 shift differential and I'm on time and a half from Thursday at five, through Friday 8-12, then Saturday 8-5 or -7.

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