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Originally Posted by Wheelz View Post
Sorry for the double-post, but I just thought of another tip: There's a huge mad rush to the train as soon as the game is over, and it can be quite intimidating, especially for a first-time rider. If you're not in a particular hurry, take a walk and kill a little time while the crowds thin out.
At least, since it's a Sunday game, you won't be also fighting rush-hour riders on the L. Weekday day games at Wrigley make a hash out of the evening rush on the L.

Also, a note that it's a 7-block walk from the Jackson stop on the Red Line to Union Station. Not a long walk for an adult, but I don't know how old your daughters are (or how wiped out they'll be after the ballgame).

I concur with Alley Dweller -- transferring to the Blue Line at Jackson, then getting off at Clinton, would probably be preferable to transferring to the Brown Line.

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