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Originally Posted by IntelliQ View Post
It's not a sideshow - it stems from real life, documented, conflicting information about the president's past.
It's certainly a sideshow to the subject under discussion here. And are we talking about what the Clinton campaign presented? Because I'm pretty sure Obama didn't write that either.
My fault on that link, sorry, here is what Im looking at from ABC. I find it impossible to believe the Kenyan bio was a misstatement, a mistake, a clerical error, etc.
I'm sure you do. But your desire to accept an unsupported and heavily skewed interpretation of the facts (that Obama was somehow deliberately presenting himself as born in Kenya) over the statements of the people involved (the literary agent has admitted that Obama was not responsible for the incorrect bio) does not in itself constitute a compelling argument.
It was put there on purpose to provide a specific persona to advance his goal. So he deserves what he gets especially after the nauseating speechifying over the past few years on bringing in a new era of change, honesty, transparency, blah blah blah. He is no better than most sleazy politicians and Im glad people are seeing it, even if they do continue to goose-step.
Except that all that requires accepting that it was Obama who promoting the erroneous bio. Not even Breitbart says that. But hey, believe what you want.