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Originally Posted by Sam Stone View Post
Another interesting flaw occured at a Canadian casino. The casino owners purchased an electronic keno game from a reputable American supplier of such games to the casino industry. Unfortunately, this particular machine reset its seed every time it was powered up. This was never an issue in American casinos which are open 24 hours a day. But in Canada, the casinos at the time closed every night. So each day, the machine was powered on again, and started with the same seed. An enterprising math student who happened to be there at opening time happened to notice that the first game of the day always had the same result. He bet on it and won a fortune. Then he got greedy, and did it again. The odds on the same guy winning a keno jackpot were so astronomical that the game was shut down and an investigation ensued. The player was eventually charged with cheating and was told to give all the money back - however, he won in court. The court ruled that he had done nothing wrong. He had simply observed the game, and bet based on his observations. No manipulation or trickery was involved, and it was the casino's job to make sure their games were fair. Needless to say, the game was taken offline until the problem could be fixed.
I'm kind of surprised "don't bother to turn the machine off at night" didn't come up as solution #1.