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I do believe they borrow into the skin.. As I was checking my daughters hair like i do every week to make sure she doesnt have lice. I found a lump on her head (if she was to stan infront of yo looking the same way it was on her let side midway of her ear) and i looked closer and i say a brown cloured thing sticking out with it looked like 2 little legs sticking out. I than took her over to the walk in and the doctor had to pull it out and it was in deed a tick and it was stl alive which made me sick tosee it. The tick it self was at last 1/2 an inch and it took the doctor at least 7 mins to get most of it out.. H couldnt get the last two legs out but he is treating her for tick dieases. they have he on a cream and an antibotic. They told me it was there for at least3 days as to how deep it had got but they still cannt say it for sure. They had asked me if she had any symptoms and i asked what. She is 4 its the brgin of spring.she has allergies and a cold and has been tired lately. The doctor had informed me tha they are all syptoms of a diease from ticks so he is going to put her on the med it just incase.. She just went to hospital for lots of blood work, i hope everything comes back good..
But i would like to point out that you dont have to be in the woods to getthem you can simply go out in your yard and sit in the grass, more than likelly not but it is possible, as i have learned that form experiece with mysel a couple yeas ago, My daughter i do believe gt hers from the woods when she was helpng her dad get wood for there little fire. The quicker you find them the better and i never thought to check her hair for it. and her father told me he checked her over and whn i told him where it was he was shocked as well...