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Originally Posted by Babale View Post
It also is perfectly reasonable not to go into your home and LET THE STALKER KNOW WHERE YOU ARE LIVING.
According to the evidence, both that of Dee Dee and of Zimmerman's contemporaneous statements, Martin and Zimmerman had lost sight of each other. Thus if Martin had simply walked into his own living room, he would not have reasonably expected that Zimmerman would be able to tell where he lived. Martin had to go looking for Zimmerman. So no, that's not reasonable.
Your own post shows the ridiculousness of your theory. You imagine Martin was so triggered by Zimmerman asking "what are you doing around here" that he snapped and attacked? Isn't it more reasonable (especially considering what we know about Zimmerman) that he asked this in exactly the threatening sort of way I'd described, leading Trayvon to try and defend himself?
No, it is not more reasonable.

First, there is no evidence that Zimmerman asked anything in a threatening manner. Dee Dee testified that Zimmerman sounded like an old man when he said the only words she reports him as saying.

Second, asking "what are you doing" is not something against which you need to defend yourself using violence. Even if it is asked by a scary fat white guy, and especially if you don't find the scary fat white guy scary or fat or white enough to simply avoid by walking into your own house.
Or is Zimmerman beyond reproach, and we only need to question the motives of 17 year old black men?
By all means, examine the motives of both.

Zimmerman shot Martin because Martin put him in fear of death or serious injury by attacking him, breaking his nose, blackening his eyes, and beating his head against the ground. Martin attacked Zimmerman, broke his nose, blackened his eyes, and beat his head against the ground, because Zimmerman put him in fear of death or serious injury by asking him what he was doing.

One of these is a reasonable motive. The other is not.