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Originally Posted by Shodan View Post
He was looking for a fight. Martin thought of himself as a bad-ass. Remember the whole "NO LIMIT NIGGA" thing?

He had been kicked out of school for drugs and theft and vandalism, his mother couldn't handle him, so she sent him to his father to see if his father could do any better.

Martin thought he was a tough guy. Maybe he was. Few people, however, are tougher than a bullet.

You fuck with enough people, sooner or later you find you fucked with the wrong people. He was only 17, so this was sooner.

Cool story, bro.

Meanwhile, Zimmerman was also looking for a fight. He was told by the police to stay inside and not confront Martin, yet he took a weapon and followed Martin. Unlike Martin, Zimmerman had an actual history of violence including assaulting an undercover police officer and a restraining order for domestic violence.

Zimmerman thought he was a tough guy. Maybe he was. Or maybe he was just a violent, insecure and unstable individual looking to hurt someone, and that someone turned out to be a 17-year-old boy.