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Originally Posted by carnivorousplant View Post
I've made it to 56 so far.
Dad had a gun at the house, and I've had one all the time I've lived alone.
I've so far only shot a raccoon that may have been rabid and a copperhead that was in my Wife's parking space.
If I had a concealed carry permit, and had I driven my Wife to work when the guy crawled in her car window, saying, "I have a gun and I'm going to kill you", I'd have used it a third time.
So you are unable to understand very basic questions of probability?

You can smoke every day of your life and die at a 100 from exhaustion after sexing a pair of 19 year old twins. That doesn't mean smoking isn't bad, and isn't detrimental to society.

I wonder how common it is to be utterly unable to separate anecdote from reality. Seems more common on the right.