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Originally Posted by mhendo View Post
My question to you is very simple: if he really felt like these young men might be the people involved in the crime, what did he possibly have to lose by following the law and getting a warrant?
These things take time and municipal funds. Also, if the crime is serious as I assume it is...
As for the alleged crime that he was investigating, according to this news story, the officers were investigating "a call of suspicious people parking at another business and entering woods on Route 236 near the Wal-Mart." Sounds like a pretty dangerous situation. Parking and entering woods! What next? Standing around and chatting?
LOL. Well there goes my theory. At worst they were smoking pot. So we're discussing a picayune drug bust (which didn't happen).
It's pretty damn unfortunate that a cop intimidating a citizen into giving up his constitutional rights, physically assaulting him, and following it up with threats of further violence, apparently does not qualify as "losing his cool" in your world, and can be shrugged off as "standard unofficial procedure."
Losing your cool is when a cop leaves visible damage on the suspect. That was controlled (and illegal) violence. SOP.
Basically, the only thing in your post that i agree with is your observation that this probably "reflects longstanding suburban cop behavioral norms." It's just that i see this as part of the problem, rather than as something that might need to be preserved due to a fear of nebulous, vaguely-defined "unintended consequences."
It's only nebulous because I don't know about cop-work. Nor do TV watchers know about it. What I'm saying is that there are all manner of technically illegal police procedures that are routinely used and before we declare nuclear war on them, I'd like to see the situation gamed out. I don't have the knowledge to do that though. Your stepdad or pkbites might have some insight. Presumably the matter could be studied.

ETA: I suppose they could have been running a stolen goods ring.

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