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Originally Posted by skylyn12 View Post
I still can't believe that Adnan doesn't know more than he is saying.

It just seems impossible to me. I can believe he didn't physically do the 'thing' (as Koenig is fond of say ), but that he is completely clueless about everything? That he doesn't know why Jay would set him up?

We know Jay has details that tie him to the murder 100% (he was involved in some way) and we know he spent a significant amount of time with Adnan on the night she disappeared.

So for Adnan's story to be true, then stoner Jay must be some pretty cold criminal to have set up Adnan in advance like this (and forget even thinking about a reason for that)...

One thing that annoys me a bit about Koenig is that she starts off reminding us how these kids can't be expected to remember what they were doing on these crucial dates, so don't take that as meaning anything. So whenever Adnan can't remember something or misremembers something, it is innocent and because of that. But when anyone else gets any details wrong or misremembers something, it must be because they are trying to mislead.
I agree that It feels like Adnan knows more than he's saying, but I think the reason he wouldn't say what that is, is because it would implicate him.

As for Sarah Koenig, she's definitely reached the point where she's a little smitten with the whole story, and has lost the sense of journalistic impartiality, if she ever had it. Then again, This American Life has always walked a line of claiming to be journalism, but a form of journalism that invokes fictional narrative techniques...which to me isn't necessarily journalism to begin with.

Finally, I agree that some of her arguments are a little biased toward Adnan. One example is the false dichotomy that for him to be lying to Sarah, he must be a sociopath. The reality is he might just be a kid who did something really dumb, but who is also a polished liar, especially after that many years in prison. That doesn't require sociopathy, that requires believing your own bullshit.