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Originally Posted by ganthet View Post
There are several issues:

1) Lack of specificity - Trump did not admit to committing any kind of involuntary, non-consensual assault/sexual assault at a given time, place, and on a specific person. Without these details, it is impossible to charge him with a specific crime that took place in the jurisdiction of a particular court.

2) Trump did not admit to doing anything without consent since his assertion was precisely that women would consent to him trying to flirt with, kiss, touch, etc. them because he was famous.

3) Corpus - even if the first two things were not issues and that Trump did admit to touching a woman with a sexual intent and without her permission at a specific time, place, and with a particular woman, there is no independent evidence that this happened (namely a specific woman's statement alleging such an incident that corresponds with the details in his statements).

4) Statute of limitations - again, even assuming that there was an actual admitted assault/sexual assault here, since each state has their own laws establishing separate statutes of limitations, there is no way of telling what the time limitations would be here without knowing the location.
Good summary.

When I was a kid, I used to wonder--and be outraged by--how so many people were such obvious Bad Guys, even to the extent of admitting in public that they continually broke the law, and were allowed to get away with it. "People talk about these mafia bosses as though everyone knows they're in the mafia," I thought, "why don't the police just go and arrest them?" Rock stars and rap stars repeatedly, openly, even defiantly referenced their own, ongoing use of illegal drugs--why don't the police march right down to their houses and arrest them?

The Real World just doesn't work that way.