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Originally Posted by Darren Garrison View Post
The disagreement (well, for me) is the idea that freezing a brain would ever, ever leave the state of the complex chemical reaction known as a "mind" intact and recoverable.
We do it for embryos today, but the brain is on a much larger scale, so from a cell preservation perspective, it seems to work.

So it sounds like you feel that cell preservation alone would not be enough. That the electro-chemical soup they reside in needs to be preserved also?

That seems accurate to preserve exact point in time state, but to preserve general state (e.g. personality), it's possible that could be re-created/re-balanced due to the state of the cells that naturally maintain those things. Kind of like waking up in the morning but it might take 5 days of waking up for the system to get back in harmony (maybe).

Although an additional complexity is that to simulate on the computer, you would probably need to get into neuron DNA methylation level of detail because that drives synapse maintenance after learning and probably many other things. Meaning if you ignored it, you might have all the synapses mapped, but the system would not maintain them because the flag that says to maintain it is set in DNA methylation.