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Originally Posted by SamuelA View Post
No it isn't, it's just not technically true that we have proven our model beyond all doubt by creating an emulation that does exactly the same thing. Yet. We have a model. There are synapses. They fire when they reach a voltage threshold. Signals are all or nothing. They travel at speeds much less than lightspeed, limited by retransmission nodes. Each synapse has a weight and either adds or subtracts from that voltage level.
It's more complicated than that. For example, one single neuron is an entire network all by itself. The synapses on the dendrites that receive signals trigger localized spiking/signaling (local as in just in that area of the dendrite) that pre-process information prior to that signal reaching the soma.

In addition, there are different types of connections, some electrical, some with neurotransmitters, and then there is glia with gliatransmitters, and neuron DNA methylation that trigger protein creation to maintain synapse stength due to learning, etc. etc. etc.

There is no current understanding of all of the pieces that either perform computation or maintain/alter physical state which impacts computation.

I agree with you from the perspective that it's physical and could theoretically be simulated in the future, but I do not agree with you that we have enough information today to simulate even one single neuron properly/completely.