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Originally Posted by k9bfriender View Post
Here's the thing though. There are experts in these fields. There are some really smart people who have devoted their entire lives to understanding these concepts, and they have much less confidence in how they will develop than Sammy, who is at best a well informed layman, does.
The actual experts are saying the same things. The actual world renowned experts in nanotechnology think self replication is very feasible. The actual world renowned experts in AI think that automation of half the economy will be a piece of cake with the present state of the art. (that means self replicating macroscale factories, by the way)

The actual experts in neuroscience have scanned and emulated sections of animal brains and have gotten promising results. They have managed to duplicate at a high level most of the behavior we see.

Fuck, the actual experts in flight think hypersonic aircraft are very possible. It's the engineers trying to deliver who are struggling.

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