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Originally Posted by SamuelA View Post
The actual experts are saying the same things. The actual world renowned experts in nanotechnology think self replication is very feasible. The actual world renowned experts in AI think that automation of half the economy will be a piece of cake with the present state of the art. (that means self replicating macroscale factories, by the way)

The actual experts in neuroscience have scanned and emulated sections of animal brains and have gotten promising results. They have managed to duplicate at a high level most of the behavior we see.
And there is no disagreement in those fields at all?

All the experts agree that the finish line of their field is within sight?

Sure, self replication is easy, living things do it all the time. So, just do what living things do, and we are all good, right? And of course, when you do that, you will keep none of the shortfalls and limitations of living things, but have only the robust perfection of machines?

AI is coming a long way, and does many things quite well, and will probably do other things better in the future. But just putting white collar manages out of work because a computer can allocate resources better, faster, and cheaper than a person is not the same thing as actually replicating actual human thought.

The brain scans have been "promising" in that we are learning about things on that scale. They are not "promising" in that we now understand everything about them to the point of being able to make accurate predictions as to how they work, or even a timeframe or roadmap to seeing how they actually work.

But, that all comes back to my point. Yes, there are experts who are optimistic about their fields. But there are also experts that are not so optimistic. You only listen to the first group, and assume that the second group doesn't know what they are talking about, because they do not confirm your positions.

Ignoring the group of experts that are less optimistic about the outcomes is willful ignorance, which leads to the arrogance that many posters have indicated makes you rather off putting.

ETA: Your second edit about hypersonic aircraft (which is a new topic) actually explains what you are lacking. It is the optimistic theorists that you are listening to, while the engineers, the people who actually make theory and reality meet, that you are ignoring.

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