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Originally Posted by Gyrate View Post
You just can't stop yourself. "It's the Democrats' fault Republicans keep nominating and electing deeply corrupt politicians!" Seriously, does this "It's your fault for not stopping us from doing evil" argument work anywhere outside Spider-Man comics?
I don't think I said any of this.

I said that you drove people on the fence to the other side of the fence. It is your fault that Trump won. Congratulations. Trump thanks you.

No it doesn't - not to the scale, breadth, frequency, or level of consequence that the right do it, with a difference of several orders of magnitude. Oh, the right claim that the left do it... but where on the left are the major news networks who directly coordinated talking points with the Obama White House? Where are the national television syndicates forcing their news anchors to broadcast - and often read directly - pre-prepared leftist propaganda as part of their news bulletins? Where are left-wing equivalents of ALEC? Where are the Democrats deliberately restricting access to voting booths in Republican-leaning areas? Until you can answer those, you don't get to claim that it's all just business as usual.
I remember when John McCain was the worst person in the world according to Democrats. I chimed in too because I really wanted Obama to win and every little thing McCain did was amplified and magnified until he we reached maximum outrage. Then Mitt Romney was the worst person in the world. I still remember how Romney was an unfit POTUS because his dog shit himself in a car roof rack.

Its just poliitics. Both sides actually do it.

Got it - this isn't merely "both sides do it", it's "both sides do it".
Yes exactly. Just like both sides in a war vilify their enemy, both sides vilify the other side, at least these days. It wasn't always this way.

I like how you think that's an argument. Seriously. Did that make sense in your head?
Hmmm, yeah, I think I might have meant that for another post. Its a non sequitor.

Also, are you now aware that the massive ramping up of the disenfranchisement and voter suppression efforts is specifically because we elected a black Democrat twice?
Are you sure it wasn't because the seminal SCOTUS case that declared Voter ID constitutional was published in 2008?

Setting aside which of us is engaging in "the psychic gratification of being able to say shitty things under the guise of saying non-shitty things", I thought right-wingers liked people who "tell it like it is"? Who were plain-speaking and open and honest about the Way Things Are? But now you say this sort of thing is "poking the bear." Are you telling me that Democrats instead should start lying more?
First, I'm not a conservative except by the grossly distorted yardstick of this board. Second, its not plain speaking to refer to something in the most offensive way possible. Its not honest to refer to the instinctive defensiveness whites feel when discussing racism as white fragility. Its not particularly descriptive or helpful.

That they should deliberately engage in massive misinformation campaigns designed to dupe the voting public? That they should keep repeating lies over and over again no matter how often they are debunked until people just automatically believe them without thinking? I mean, that seems to me to be what you're arguing.
Because of course Democrats never engage in deceptive misinformation campaigns. Democrats lie just as easily as Republicans if it suits their purposes.

But I agree that Republicans are better at propoganda.

Again, this is less a "thing that is actually happening" and more a "deliberate right-wing misrepresentation of left-wing positions against racism". I know this has been pointed out to you before - why do you keep repeating it?
Because its true. It doesn't happen every time but there is a vilification of white people and as 75% of the voting population, they are starting to notice.

I'll stop doing that once it gets translated into 1) English and 2) reality.
Crit race theory terms like "white fragility" do more harm than good. You can convey the thoughts and ideas in a way that are easier to understand and digest if you pick less offensive words. Or you can keep electing Donald Trump. I'm sure he is grateful for your efforts.