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Originally Posted by wolfman View Post
Today exciting installment in the AB saga.....
Looks like he is going to be suspended, and the Raider reportedly want to get out of his contract altogether.
It's going to depend on his contract, and the arbitrator, but I don't see how getting suspended for arguing with the GM is sufficient willful conduct by Brown to warrant the Raiders clawing back his signing bonus. Then again, I was surprised when the Dolphins were able to do it to Ricky Williams, so what do I know?

On the other, other hand, Williams leaving the Dolphins was entirely his own idea. In Brown's case, the team is suspending him, he isn't leaving. An arbitrator can certainly rule though that voluntary actions by both players caused their separations. It still looks to me that clawing back his guaranteed money after they suspend him seems excessive, but it depends on the text of his contract.

Also, on the one hand, nice move confronting the idiot about his Instagram post, Mayock. Seems like a battle he didn't have to fight. On the other hand, if it wasn't this specific incident, I think Brown would have found some other reason to blow up on the Raiders' staff. What a mess.

Brown's behavior is reminding me a bit of Chris Henry. Just bizarre, and at times violent, irrational outbursts. I hope it ends better for him.