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Originally Posted by Hari Seldon View Post
In addition to the +30 sec button, I insist on 1 button push. Press 1 - 5 and get that many seconds. I cannot imagine why they don't all have that. Where is their human factors engineering? In addition to the +30 sec button, I would like them designed so that pressing 1 gives +1 minute. I've never seen that feature.
(did you mean "that many minutes"?) Pressing 1 to 3 on my Frigidaire gives 1, 2, or 3 minutes of cook time (plus the +30 second button). I use it frequently.

I hate its beep - three long, loud beeps when done cooking. Then 15 seconds later, another three long, loud beeps, repeated every 15 seconds until you press Cancel or open the door. Very obnoxious. There was no way to test the beeps in the store - they don't have the display models plugged in, probably so no one runs them while empty. I KNOW there's a way to disable the beep, but criminy, their engineers must have thought for all of ten seconds about how to make the beeps work, and this is the best they could do (on a top-of-the-line model, no less).

I then noticed (after installing it of course) that some reviews complained about the beeping, so my advice is to check out reviews at Home Depot or Lowes or Amazon for features you'd like. (And it sounds like you have a bad door latch, which seem to break quite frequently.)