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I assume this is not one of those over-the-stove ovens. If it is, then my recommendation is to not replace it at all but get a freestanding one - as all the over the stove sort are about 4 times as expensive and will fail within 5 years. Sample size of 3 here; all failed within 5, one within 2, in a dangerous manner. Two of the three would run nonstop until we unplugged them; the third I don't know (we installed it in a townhouse we sold; we heard from the buyer a year or so later that it had died).

All 3 of these were GE brand. I don't know whether GE is particularly bad with their over-the-stove microwaves, or other brands would show a similar history. We've had GE tabletop units that worked well for years.

Currently we have a Panasonic standalone unit. The cost of that, plus a nice set of metal shelves that dramatically expanded our storage space, was less than the cost of replacing the over-the-stove unit. It's OK.... there's no "press 1 for one minute" or "add 30 seconds" functionality. It does beep when it's done - but just one beep, then it shuts up. WHich is mixed - there've been times where I've been trying to heat water for iced tea, and I forget to get the water out, then a half hour later have to reheat it . Its "power level" is a bit counterintuitive as well. Instead of pressing the "power level" then pressing a button on the numeric keypad (1 for 10% etc), you repeatedly press the power level button until it displays the desired percent.

And it draws a lot of power. If we're running the Instant Pot, running the microwave trips the circuit breaker.

It is quite large - I want to say 2 cubic feet inside but that's relying on my memory.