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Sorry--you're right. I should've set the scene better.

We live in a subdivision with an HOA which had a pool long before we moved in. The pool is maintained with HOA dues. No, we don't have a lifeguard and we have a "security guard" part time in the evenings and on the weekends once school gets out. Not that the security guard does much aside from sit there and text/talk on their phone.

And yes, it is a liability thing. Thankfully, nobody has (at least to my knowledge) ever gotten seriously injured although I have seen all manner of idiotic behavior taking place.

We've had issues since we moved in a decade or so ago with the pool (and by We I mean the HOA, not just me specificially)--vandalism, theft, non-residents breaking into the pool, unsupervised kids of all ages, people bringing dogs into the pool area (another no-no), residents using the pool to hold pool parties for non-residents. You name it, it's probably happened. Last summer, there was a near riot after the pool was closed for nearly 3 weeks because some idiot had started chipping away at the coping (I think it's called? Mortar? I have NO idea) on one edge of the pool which caused several large stones to come loose and break off. It took the HOA longer than it should have to get the damage assessed and repaired (which is another rant entirely).

If it weren't for my kiddo, I wouldn't go down to the pool at all. He insists on going nearly every single day and I honestly can't think of a good reason (other than I just don't want to) to keep him from going there.