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Originally Posted by SticksAndString View Post
Each dues-paying household has a keycard and I know that they keep track of which keys get used and when. Other parents have expressed to me that they're afraid if a kid gets seriously hurt and/or killed while unsupervised at the pool then the parent will not only sue the HOA but also any adult who was in the pool area at the time of the incident. If you used your keycard that day and they petitioned to get that information from the HOA, then theoretically you or me or whoever could be sued simply for BEING THERE. It's a scary thought. I don't think that would ever happen, personally, but you never know. In this litigous society, anything is possible.
That's a pretty silly argument. The parent that didn't supervise their own child, which you say is a rule of the HOA, would have a hard time coming up with sufficient grounds for suing other parents that were present when an accident occured. And even if it did happen, turn it over to your homeowner's insurance and let them deal with it.

Still a weak pitting. What next? Pitting the soda companies for making sugary drinks that make too many Americans fat?