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Originally Posted by ElvisL1ves View Post
Could the EU also rule that the vote against hard Brexit meant no hard Brexit, and refuse to implement it?
In the absence of any deal, a "hard Brexit" is the inevitable legal consequence. The UK has given notice of leaving. That (after extensions) falls due on October 31st. At that point all the legal and administrative frameworks tied up in EU membership cease to have legal force. If both the UK government and the EU tacitly agree to pretend nothing has changed (but what then would have been the point of "taking back control" anyway?) things might totter along without too much difficulty; but any dispute between any trading partners across the UK/EU boundary will have nowhere to go for resolution.

Plus there's the point that, absent a specific agreement, AIUI, under WTO rules neither party can give the other favourable terms as hoc unless it does the same for all WTO members. So there's another slew of international legal cases.