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Originally Posted by Kinthalis View Post
Also peoples, the first piece of DLC has been outed.

Called "From Ashes", it features a:


Prothean squad member!

That is absolutely mental, although for the last in the trilogy I can expect them throwing in everything. I expect we'll see Tali's face too. The downside is that you'll have endless people bitching that they didn't like the results and that it should have remained a mystery.

Since the Prothean pretty much has to be from some sort of stasis, anyone think it will be Ksad Ishan, the head of the Ilos facility (who Vigil's personality was based off)? Calling it now.

Only problem is I have to have that, which means faffing about with Xbox Live and BioWare accounts or whatever they have. Wish there was a retail or bundled version.