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Originally Posted by Hentor the Barbarian View Post
The fact that something is caught on film is evidence for its frequency? You really are not very bright at all.
Sure it does. The more often something happens the more likely it will be caught on film. There are plenty of statistics indicating that guns are used to thwart crime with a relative high frequency, but it seems gun-grabbers just refuse to believe any of it. So I figure a video of it happening in real life is good for you would be gun-grabbers to see.

That's another instance of a very positive outcome. A successful defense with a firearm that is not in any risk of being banned.
I'm glad you liked it, but if the gun-grabbers have their way, I think they will ban handguns. Some have already admitted it. They are just going for the low hanging fruit now, and once they get it they will say "see it's legal to ban some guns, so it must be legal to ban some more." I've already seen that argument used.