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Originally Posted by Kable View Post
I have a single floor home. Double doors to my bedroom and two windows to the outside. I suppose it could be made into a fortress but I don't think it economically feasible and probably not so good for resale value. I did install motion sensor lights outside the house. A problem with my home invasion was visibility in the dark so my bedside gun is now a Remington 870 with a Surefire forearm light attached in addition to my handguns. I don't have any kids and my SO and I have a good relationship. I don't plan to shoot her and I don't expect her to shoot me.
I sure John Tabutt thought much the same way you do before that night in October 2009.

Statistically speaking, you and/or your SO are more likely to be shot with your gun than any home invader. Not to worry tho; we'll keep repeating this until you understand it.