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Originally Posted by Damuri Ajashi View Post
BTW, can I say, I am glad that Hentor has come back. Dealing with Elvis has made me appreciate arguing with him.
Believe me, there's no margin in engaging you on this - you cannot reason someone from a position that fear has led them to. I just happened to see, once again, a gun nut advancing the position that they are masters of the fear stick! The hoplophobe argument that you've made.

You don't seem to realize what this reveals about yourself.

But you and Elv1sLives deserve each other, and you and Bullitt can stay here and oil each other up, you rough customers! I'll let you stand watch on the wall, protecting us all with your manliness. Just remember that a paunch makes you more visible in silhouette, and pasty skin is highly reflective. God bless you, and keep up with those quick draw skills!

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